Salwar Suits at Riiti Fashions

"Riiti Fashions is the brainchild of Renuka Rajagopal, a fashion designer with a passion for creating unsurpassed Indian designer wear. As a young girl, Renuka modeled, placed, and hosted in multiple fashion shows, including Vimal Suitings. But her love for clothing trends did not just stop at modeling, Renuka also designed clothing for her family and friends. As a North Indian who grew up in South India, Renuka has the luxury of exposure to both North and South traditions.. When creating Riiti Fashions, her manifesto was to represent every area of India through fashion. Her own Riitika collection is a result of her exquisite taste in elegant clothing and a reflection of her keen eye for fashion. No one piece is the same as the other."

India has always specialized in fashion and beauty. When Indian fashion designers are going to introduced newly collections, they must think about tradition and culture. Salwar Kameez has developed according to the changing lifestyles and preferences.  There's different ways it seems.  Every time with different stitching styles. Mostly Urban fashionable women should wear fabrics in weddings like Georgette, Chiffon, Crepe, Organza, Tissue, Cotton and Silk. 

Every women like to wear a colorful and heavy embroidered dresses specially on important events/occasions like wedding and parties. It upon your choice that what should you wear on important events. The grace of designing makes you beautiful, attractive and matchless. 

We have designer saris, custom design sarees, Uppada, Benarasi, Jamdani, Paithini, Kantha, and Pochampally.  Come shop with us now. If you are looking for inspiring Indian Salwar Suits, you can find us in San Jose, CA.  Order today Riiti Fashions


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